The Best Mouthguards in Lynnwood

A young soccer player bouncing the ball off their head promoting custom mouthguards at our Lynnwood dental office.
If you want the right protection for your teeth, you need a custom-made mouthguard. Lynnwood dentist, Dr. Nichole Martin, offers mouthguards for protection or treatment for:

  • Contact sports
  • Snoring
  • Nighttime grinding

Teeth are made of the hardest substance in the body. If you play contact sports or clench your teeth, the damage from impact or grinding can be profound. Protect your health, comfort and budget by using a professionally fitted mouthguard. Lynnwood dentist, Dr. Martin takes an impression to ensure a perfect fit, which is much harder to achieve with store-bought mouthguards.

Custom Mouthguards Work Best

Store-bought methods claim a good fit using boil-and-bite technology, but the materials may not be strong enough to protect your teeth. Also, since they are one-size fits all, they may feel bulky, making them uncomfortable and difficult to wear. By being too large for you, they may throw off your jaw joint and bite. Teeth deserve the best care – keep them healthy with a mouthguard from Lynnwood’s Heavenly Smiles.