Dental Crowns in Lynnwood

A couple on the beach showing off their smiles to show off their dental Crowns.
When teeth become decayed, cracked or worn down, a crown can restore the original structure. Crowns preserve the natural tooth root and replace the upper portion of the tooth. At Heavenly Smiles in Lynnwood, crowns both look and feel absolutely natural.

How do we achieve the best crowns for our patients? Our team has LVI training (the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies), a dental industry leader for cosmetics and restorations. From this training, Dr. Martin is able to carefully decide the best type of crown to suit your needs.

CEREC Crowns In Lynnwood

Dr. Martin respects your busy schedule. Our CEREC machine can provide beautiful porcelain crowns on the same day you come in. CEREC works by digitally scanning your mouth and custom milling your crown, using CAD/CAM technology. No more temporaries, multiple appointments and waiting for your final restoration!

Lab-Created Crowns

Depending on the location of your crown and your bite, a lab-created crown might be your best choice. Our dentist in Lynnwood always offers the best materials and options for your individual needs. She makes a wax-up to match the shade of the crown by hand, then sends it off to her trusted dental lab to create the crown for you.

If you think you need a crown, don’t wait. Call Dr. Martin for your appointment today!