Teeth Whitening in Lynnwood WA

A couple shows off their bright smiles from teeth whitening in Lynnwood, WA.
Dr. Nichole Martin only offers the best teeth whitening for Lynnwood patients: take home teeth whitening. Dr. Martin has found that the in-office methods are simply too harsh on your teeth and much safer, more comfortable results are available with take-home gels. Patients who maintain regular dental visits, cleanings, and x-rays are rewarded with complimentary teeth whitening! Call us for details.

Take home teeth whitening for Lynnwood patients uses custom trays that fit your teeth perfectly. This helps the whitening gel apply just to teeth, not gums. With an easy daily regimen, your teeth will develop a youthful brightness very soon. Our Lynnwood, WA dentist will determine the length of your daily whitening application. Your brilliant smile could be just a few weeks away!

Take home teeth whitening lets you:

  • Enjoy a safe, dentist-supervised, whitening treatment
  • Easily touch up your results using the trays and gels
  • Achieve the lightness you want, without overwhitening

In Lynnwood, teeth whitening is one of the easiest ways to polish the look of a smile. Freshen your face with youthful teeth whitening – call Heavenly Smiles today.