Lynnwood Dental Implants

An older man in a dress shirt smiles to show off his dental implants.
Many people face tooth extraction at some point in life. With dental implants, losing a tooth is no longer a serious threat to your appearance, comfort or oral health. Dental implants offer Lynnwood patients an unparalleled restoration.

Like natural teeth, dental implants are placed in the jaw bone. After the placement surgery, the bone grows around the implant, creating a strong foundation. This level of stability is simply not possible with bridges or dentures. Dr. Martin then works with a trusted oral surgeon, with whom she routinely communicates. This partnership ensures the highest quality restoration of your dental implant.

After the implant site has healed, Dr. Martin finishes the restoration with a crown. Our Lynnwood dental implants patients know the treatment time is worth the outcome: a prosthetic tooth that looks, acts and feels completely natural!

Dental implants advantages:

  • They are the most successful tooth replacement method
  • They don’t require special maintenance, just regular dental hygiene
  • They will never decay or need a root canal
  • You can enjoy any of your favorite foods
  • They help retain jaw bone, which recedes when teeth are lost
  • They can support dentures or bridges
  • They look and feel imperceptible from real teeth

You deserve a healthy mouth and a confident smile! Dental implants give Lynnwood patients the most satisfactory experience possible for tooth replacement. Call Heavenly Smiles today!