Laser Dentistry in Lynnwood

Our staff working with an actual patient of Dr. Nichole Martin, our dentist in Lynnwood, WA.
The dental office is usually not one’s favorite place to spend an hour. Dr. Nichole Martin knows this and has built Heavenly Smiles to welcome patients with comfort-enhancing amenities wherever possible. Dentists in Lynnwood, WA know high-tech solutions like laser dentistry can make your next dental appointment pleasant and comfortable.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Dr. Martin offers laser dentistry for bacteria removal, gingival recontouring, frenectomies and gingivectomies. Soft tissues are much more sensitive and responsive to pain than hard tissue. The laser itself is painless, quick and very effective. After being reshaped or cleared of infection with the laser, gums immediately start healing. Our patients are amazed how soon their mouth feels normal after their Lynnwood laser dentistry procedure.

Comforts such as aromatherapy, paraffin hand treatments, foot warmers, pillows and blankets also make your visit at Heavenly Smiles cozy. Dr. Martin, your dentist in Lynnwood,  wants to welcome you to modern dental excellence, which enriches you as well as your oral health. Call us today and come see for yourself!