Metal-Free Fillings for Lynnwood Smiles

A businessman laughing out loud with happiness because he replaced his metal-free filling in Lynwood for safer alternative.
In the past, metal fillings were the standard for repairing tooth decay. With modern dental materials, metal-free fillings have become the new preference for many dentists in Lynnwood. At Heavenly Smiles, we exclusively place metal-free fillings in our Lynwood dentist office, for many reasons.

Metal-Free Fillings Benefits:

  • Match your current tooth color to blend in
  • Last a long time
  • Never expand or contract
  • Are safe and affordable
  • Look and feel great!

Metallic fillings, made of silver and mercury alloys, are no longer the standard material because of the toxicity of mercury. Additionally, metal expands and contracts with temperature changes, such as when you eat and drink. Over time, the expansion and contraction may crack your tooth or cause microleakage – tiny cracks that let bacteria seep in and create subsurface cavities. These are impossible for dentists in Lynnwood to see. The bacteria can create the need for a crown or even a root canal.

If you have metal fillings currently, our dentist in Lynnwood, Dr. Nichole Martin has equipped Heavenly Smiles with safe mercury removal equipment and protocol. You will not be exposed to harmful mercury vapors during removal. It is less expensive to replace a filling than it is to get a crown or root canal, which you may eventually need. Call Heavenly Smiles today to see how metal-free fillings can help you.