Smile Design for Lynnwood

Smile Design Lynnwood - Three young women having fun at the beach showing off their new smiles.
Smile design is how Dr. Nichole Martin matches facial aesthetics with the new shapes, sizes, and colors of your smile. With smile design in Lynnwood, you are free to make the best first impressions.

Porcelain veneers are a great method of achieving a smile that best personifies you. This procedure can close gaps, cover irregular teeth and bring harmony to the proportions of your teeth.

Bringing You the Best Quality

To complete smile design cases with the highest quality, our cosmetic dentistry expert in Lynnwood Dr. Nichole Martin works only with high-end cosmetic dental labs. These technicians communicate and share information with Dr. Martin, thus creating the finest crowns or porcelain veneers for Lynnwood patients of Heavenly Smiles.

Smile design patients may be interested in treatment on a single tooth or an entire arch. You could be closer to your ideal smile than you realize! There are many dentistry options for people considering smile design. Explore your options with a consultation with Dr. Martin.