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My family has been going to Heavenly Smiles for probably 20 years now, and have always found great care and friendly staff. When Dr. Martin took over, I was worried because we’d bonded very well with the dentist who ran the business previously. However, Dr. Martin has been nothing but fabulous and the practice has continued smoothly, if not even more so, with her involved. The entire staff is very professional and sweet, and having been a patient since I was old enough to have teeth, I’m not going anywhere! Dr. Martin (Dentist in Lynnwood) and her team are quite special and I won’t be trusting anyone else with my teeth!
Elizabeth L.

As a patient I have been with the Heavenly Smiles clinic for over a decade – and when Dr. Martin recently took over the practice, it became a bonus for me. I could say that she has not given me a reason to leave for another practice, but the reality is that she has given me a reason to stay through her enthusiasm, professionalism and expertise. One really nice touch recently? On my routine annual exam they called to let me know they were running late, giving me the option of also coming in a little later in order to not cause me to just sit in the waiting room. Nice touch. Through this transition I think the best endorsement is that the staff has stayed on, so clearly they enjoy working for Dr. Martin as much as I enjoy being a patient.
Gretchen M.

I just took my 13 year old son here for a cleaning and checkup today. The office is beautiful and the staff was all very friendly. They were very knowledgeable and did a great job explaining everything. I was so pleased and made an appointment for my daughter before we left. We will eventually get the whole family in. We are new to Lynnwood and so pleased to already find a dentist that the whole family can feel great about. 100% positive experience.
Kristina L.

It was my first dental visit in many years and I had a lot of work to be done, so I was very nervous at first. Dr. Martin and her entire staff cured me of my hesitation. Heavenly Smiles is a very comfortable, sophisticated clinic and with the welcoming and knowledgeable staff to answer any and all questions. I felt at ease from the beginning and do NOT dread the many appointments still to come. Dr. Martin and staff are a class act!
Shawna H.

I don’t usually leave this until the last minute, but I called this morning to see if I could get my boys in for a check up, and since they had the day off of school, I asked about today. Ha ha, wouldn’t you know it, they could fit us in. 🙂 Kids don’t usually enjoy going to the dentist, but the staff and Dr. Martin are very welcoming and calming. Both of my kids enjoy visiting the office and really listen to what the hygienists have to say about caring for their teeth. Great place to go.
Marit E.

I had some bad childhood dentist experiences and so I have been terrified of dentists all of my life. Hence, my mouth has suffered greatly from my procrastination. My former dentist is in Wallingford and I live in Edmonds so when I lost a crown recently, I decided to try Heavenly Smiles since it is very close to home and I had read very good reviews about Dr. Martin. I called and they saw me the very next day to put my crown back in. They were ALL very nice and gentle so I decided to have Dr. Martin proceed with getting my teeth back into the best shape they can be, given the neglect. I have had several appointments in the last few months and even though I am not what you would call excited to go the appointments, my anxiety level has dropped immensely. The drilling is still the worst part of getting fillings but I must say that I have never felt any pain from the needle when they numb me and the headphones help to drown out the sound of the drill. I still have several appointments to go but I am very pleased with my experiences so far. They are all so pleasant and they do everything within their power to make me as comfortable as possible including a warm neck pillow, blanket and the head phones. They have Nitrous available which helps with the anxiety too. And Dr. Martin is very good about explaining what needs to be done and what she is doing when working on me. I am very happy that I found them and I would recommend them to anyone, especially if you are a white knuckler like me!
Carolyn J.

I have been a patient of Dr. Martin for a few years now. I live in Seattle where she used to see patients less than a mile from my house. When she got her practice in Lynnwood, there was no question that I would follow her. I have a lot of dental work that needs to be done and will take years to get through and I truly don’t want any other dentist doing the work. After experiencing Heavenly Smiles and the team that works there, I was elated. The staff is on par with how great Dr. Martin is. The facility is state of the art. The staff and Dr. Martin are knowledgeable, and accommodating to issues and sensitivities. Dr. Martin has done several fillings, cleanings and crowns for me. I drive 13 miles to see her when I could have continued going to the practice that is less than a mile down the street from my house and work. Now that says something. Thank you Nichole for being so awesome and praise to the staff. You guys help people live better lives, one smile and one comfort at a time. Cheers.
Alexis S.

Patients today expect their dentists to be completely knowledgeable in the dentistry field. I know I do, and Dr. Martin not only meets, but exceeds these expectations. As a white-knuckle patient, and I am sure I am not unique in this regard, I appreciate Dr. Martin because she is a gentle and kind dentist. She communicates what she is going to do before she actually takes action and tells you everything up front. Now, I appreciate that! I had two crowns done by Dr. Martin and they came out great! In fact, Dr. Martin’s entire staff, LeAnn, receptionist, Bridgette, Dental Hygienist, and Paula, Dental Assistant, are all highly professional and pleasant to be around! My husband, another white-knuckle patient, is also impressed with Dr. Martin. We both highly recommend her work!
Chris H.

Dr. Nichole Martin is a very people-oriented individual and extremely professional in her duties, without being aloof. Her concern for her patients/clients is sincere and she is a ‘genuine’ person with her emotions. She is up-to-date in her field of dental medicine and her staff is impeccable. Going to Heavenly Smiles and being examined/treated by Dr. Martin and her staff leaves one with no fear of the dentist. The appointments are more of a ‘social’ event and one feels as though they are appreciated and recognized.
Scott W.

Dr. Martin is a wonderful dentist. I was wary when she replaced the dentist I’d known and liked for many years. However, it’s been a very seamless transition. The staff are all very professional and also very supportive if a procedure is at all scary or painful for a patient. I’d highly recommend Dr. Martin.
Kate F.

Let me start by saying I hadn’t been to a dentist in several years due to lack of insurance, and I have only had one other dentist before Dr. Martin. He was my dentist since I was 7 years old. I found her office and waiting room to be inviting and relaxing. It has a spa like feel. They have a Keurig coffee/tea maker so you can relax before getting called back. Although I wouldn’t have had enough time to drink anything as I was called back just minutes after I checked in. The restroom has disposable toothbrushes as well and is decorated nicely. The office staff was friendly and helpful about what my insurance would cover and how much I could expect to pay out of pocket. In the exam room they offered me several different lip balms while they worked so my lips didn’t chap. They also have blankets and neck pillows. They asked if I would like headphones as well, but I didn’t use them. They also have a TV with a dental “show” on. It helps to pass the time. The hygienist was quick and even with several years of build up on my teeth it was a painless cleaning. I knew I had broken a tooth and they showed me pictures of the tooth in question and explained why I needed a cap instead of re-filling it. I was quite pleased with my experience and will continue to see Dr. Martin.
Kim V.

Dr. Nichole Martin has a very gentle way with her profession of dentistry. The staff is very professional and kind mannered both in the office and by telephone. We were with the previous Dr. of this office for many years, and when she retired, we were unsure if we would stay. The care our family received on our first visit with Ms. Martin was excellent! I recommend Dr. Martin (and her staff) to all ages.
Janice H.

What keeps me coming back to Heavenly Smiles and Dr. Martin is the entire wonderful staff who are genuinely happy to see you and who take the time to answer all your technical questions (and I ask a lot of questions). They are interested in keeping up with the latest in dental technology and are happy to discuss options and do what you are comfortable doing. Everybody is very gentle and kind, and they go out of their way to make you comfortable — including putting lip balm on your lips to keep them from drying during a procedure, numbing your gum surface before injecting the Novocaine, throw blankets, “good” magazines, bottled water, videos (ok, it’s dental shows), and memory foam chairs (this makes a huge difference when you are lying there for two hours doing extreme dental work). They really care! Like the other reviewer said, it really feels more like visiting friends, which goes a long way toward putting you at ease and having less stress.
Heidi M.

So my family had to find another dentist because we recently relocated to Lynnwood and we are pleased to have found this dental office. Dr. Martin’s office is a mini vacation from the stress of going to the dentist. I went in for an annual check up, x-rays and cleaning and actually had a good time. The hygienist was friendly and made the visit a relaxing one. Dr. Martin was friendly, knowledgeable and one could tell she cared about her patients. The next time I came I brought my son who was quite nervous about coming to a new dentist. I reassured him that this was no ordinary dentist and no ordinary dentist office. As he was having his teeth checked and cleaned I sat in comfy chairs, sipped on hot coffee and within no time my son was finished with his cleaning. After consulting with the staff about our dental plan and before leaving, my son was offered juice and a snack. For him, that put the dentist on his “I like this place” list. Thanks Dr. Martin and staff for a pleasant dentistry experience! We look forward to many years of cleaning, filling and friendship!
Sam E.

Dr. Martin is very knowledgeable, kind and pain-free. I would recommend her without reservation; her staff is also great to work with. The hygienists are very capable and pain-free. You will leave this dental appointment with a smile on your face and no anxiety when your next appointment comes up. Dr. Martin is up to date with the latest treatments and techniques in dentistry, she takes her time with her patients and explains any procedures and questions they may have regarding their dental care.
Carol A.

Dr. Martin is a fabulous dentist. I have only had a regular check up and cleaning thus far. She is a very professional yet personal dentist. She walks you through each procedure with a confident and calm approach and performs each with care. My visit was also timely and quick, I left feeling well taken care of as a customer. Thank you Dr. Martin and Heavenly Smiles. The hygienist was also just as caring, personable, and timely as Dr. Martin. Also, communicated well what was going on, what needed further attention and how to go about that.


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