An older couple showing off their smiles promoting dentistry for the whole family in Lynnwood.
When you lose a tooth, it is always best to replace it. A dental bridge is but one option to complete your smile. Though dental implants have the best, most natural performance, a dental bridge is a conservative Lynnwood family dentistry option.

A bridge is especially efficient when you already need crowns on the surrounding teeth. This is because a bridge replaces the tooth surface (above the gum line only) by attaching to crowns on neighboring teeth. The bridge supplies complete chewing surfaces and a natural appearance when you smile.

Lynnwood Dental Bridges:

  • Replace teeth without surgery
  • Attach to surrounding crowns
  • Replace the crown portion of the tooth, not the roots
  • With dental porcelain, bridges can be very natural in appearance

When you need family dentistry in Lynnwood, Dr. Nichole Martin can help you decide the best treatment for you. Whether you opt for a bridge, dentures or dental implants, she can help you from treatment planning to the final restoration!

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