Sedation Dentistry in Lynnwood

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Ready to Relax?

Here at Heavenly Smiles we understand that some people have an extreme fear when it comes to dental treatment. Alleviating these anxieties is our commitment to all of our patients, and we work hard to achieve that commitment. Sedation dentistry is by far the best technique that helps us do so in many cases.

Sedation dentistry ensures patient comfort through medically-induced relaxation. At Heavenly Smiles, dentist in Lynnwood Dr. Nichole Martin uses several methods to help our patients achieve that relaxation.


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“I am a patient who is afraid of needles, and shots. I was so happy when IV sedation came along. I now go in sit down, go to sleep and wake with no pain. I can not say enough about this sedation method. I feel so much better knowing that when I have work to be done I can opt for IV sedation and the experience is a great one! I would not go anywhere else, the staff is lovely, caring, and helpful, and Dr. Martin is the best. Love them!!”

– Tina, Heavenly Smiles patient


How Sedation Dentistry Helps You

In most cases, nitrous oxide, along with a prescription for Xanax or Valium, provides an effective level of comfort. After sedation sets in, patients become much less aware of their sensations. Dr. Martin can then focus on the dentistry at hand, providing the excellent dental care you need for optimal health.

We are also excited to now offer IV sedation dentistry (also known as “sleep dentistry”) to our list of options for you. Before treatment, you will receive a sedative through an IV which will work rapidly to create your deep relaxed state. Throughout the procedure your vital signs will be monitored and you will be able to breathe on your own which makes it really safe. When you wake up you will have no memory of even being worked on!

If you have questions about sedation dentistry in Lynnwood, or have been putting off dental treatment because of anxiety, call Heavenly Smiles . We can assure your safety and comfort for the dentistry you need.