Gum Contouring in Lynnwood

One of our dental assistants performs Gum Contouring on an actual patient at our Lynnwood, WA dental office.
Great smiles depend on gums to keep teeth healthy. Dr. Nichole Martin is dedicated to the best patient comforts, which includes laser gum contouring in Lynnwood’s Heavenly Smiles.

When gums are overgrown or irregularly shaped, our dentist in Lynnwood can gently reshape them into a balanced line that frames your teeth. She uses a soft tissue laser for a painless application that heals the tissue as it treats it. This laser can also remove infection or provide frenectomies.

If you need gum contouring in Lynnwood, you’ll appreciate the comfort of the laser. The alternative is a scalpel, which has a lengthy healing time. The laser offers fast healing and the most pleasant experience possible. The procedure requires no stitches, plus the mouth is one of the fastest healing areas of the body.

Possible uses of gum contouring:

  • Renewing health in neglected gums (common after removal of braces)
  • Reshaping overgrown gums, known as “gummy smiles”
  • Removing periodontal infection so gums return to health
  • Frenectomy – removal of the frenum to improve speech

Lynnwood gum contouring at Heavenly Smiles is gentle! Our philosophy is to serve the best care, with the most comfort possible. Call us about gum treatment today.